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    Cork is very nice to work with and easy to cut. A great floor for the DIY (Do-it-yourselfer).


Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring - Cork flooring can produce a pleasant and comfortable walking surface. Cork flooring is great choice for children's play areas or commercial spaces where there is a desire for a comfortable walking and standing surface. Suberin, a natural substance in cork, works as a mold inhibitor and prevents cork flooring from rotting. Cork flooring has natural insulation properties and can help reduce heating costs. Cork floors are naturally fire resistant and don't release any toxic gases or chemicals when combusting. It can be a very durable material if properly maintained.

Cork Flooring Advantages

Cork extraction process does not harm trees
Can be used over radiant heat systems
Cork flooring systems can be installed like regular ceramic or glass mosaic tile
Can be installed on uneven surfaces
Can be installed over existing flooring systems such as wood or linoleum
Excellent material to be used on retrofitted buildings
Natural insulation material
Great performance under heavy furnishings
Can be used as underlayment layer for ceramic, wood or stone
Superior sound attenuation characteristicsC

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